Publishing Business

At Eiji Press, Inc., our focus is on publishing a diverse range of books, predominantly within the business and social genres.

We believe in the transformative power of a single book, recognizing that it has the potential to alter an individual's future. As people change, so can teams, organizations, and even societies. We constantly ask ourselves, "What changes can this book bring about?" as we craft and deliver them to our readers.

For us, publishing is a business of support and empowerment. We aim to amplify the thoughts and messages of authors, cheering them on as they work towards realizing their dreams. We also endorse the behavioral changes of readers. We believe that behind each act of support lies a good book, an enriching reading experience, and a promising future.

Innovation in the publishing business has always been at the forefront of Eiji Press's mission. One such innovation is the 'Book Fund', an original project-finance model that leverages anonymous partnerships to invest in publishing projects. This approach has enabled the realization of numerous ambitious publications.

Another distinctive feature is our policy of continuing publication in order to deliver authors' messages for future readers. We believe a book is the first time-machine invented by human beings. Of the more than 350 titles we've published since our establishment in 1999, over 90% are still available. By consistently offering valuable, long-standing books, we've given birth to not just bestsellers but a plethora of long-sellers as well.


EIJI PRESS Lab is a place 'where the future is born.' Featuring white interiors, the walls are adorned with our complete range of publications. This space fosters connections through books and sparks new ideas and actions. Since its inception in 2012, apart from internal meetings of Eiji Press, it has been utilized for various events and workshops.


The EIJI PRESS Base is a membership-driven community space for those who resonate with our philosophy. Envisioned as a place "where dreams progress", it's frequently utilized by entrepreneurs, coaches, and professionals from various fields for daily tasks and meetings. It’s a fusion of internal and external members of the Eiji Press community. Initiatives, including collaborative development of training programs, are conducted using the EIJI PRESS Base as a focal point.

Publishing Alliance

We actively collaborate with new publishers and publishing labels that resonate with our approach to publishing. Besides taking on their book releases, we provide planning and editorial support as needed. The books sourced from these partnerships often harmonize with our publications, creating synergies in sales and fostering mutual learning through collaboration.