About Eiji Press

Eiji Press, Inc. is a company committed to supporting the future of individuals, organizations, and society at large.

At the heart of our work lies the transformation that ensues. We constantly question, “What transformation will this book bring?” as we craft and deliver it. “For whom, and what kind of future, is this contributing to?” is what we ask when creating platforms. Through such endeavors, we aim to bolster movements aiming for better human-centric management, self-managing organization, innovation, business development, tackling global challenges, and individual behavioral changes.

A good business cannot be achieved without a good organization. At Eiji Press, we are committed to building self-managing, flexible organizations and fostering a work-friendly environment. Company-wide involvement in publishing, employee-led hiring, and the practice of mindfulness are some of our key activities. It's also noteworthy that almost all of our members joined us without prior experience in the publishing industry and hail from diverse backgrounds. We’ve adopted a fully-remote-working infrastructure, accommodating members who reside beyond our Tokyo-based office.

Founded in 1999 by Eiji Harada, an entrepreneur from a diverse professional background, Eiji Press has a history marked by experimentation and challenges. We have consistently pursued innovations, such as implementing the 'Book Fund' to enhance the freedom of publishing, upholding a policy of continuing publication (in order to deliver authors' messages for future readers), expanding overseas (like the establishment of the Eiji 21 entity in South Korea), jointly developing large-scale conferences and organizational development programs, and operating shared spaces.

As the world changes moment by moment, the publishing industry faces numerous shifts. While valuing the inherent worth of books and publishing, we strive to uncover new possibilities that bring them to life.

Our Values


Publishing for ChangeEmpowering the future of individuals, organizations, and society by making valuable ideas accessible to all.


Supporting someone else's dream propels our own dreams forward.


The reality we create with colleagues surpasses our personal ideals.

To us, publishing means making something accessible to everyone. More than just releasing books, it’s about making valuable ideas, as well as perspectives, challenges, visions, wishes, and hopes public – making them personal for each individual. And beyond that, we believe there is a future we all desire.

To us, work is about supporting others - spreading authors' messages, encouraging readers to act, assisting colleagues. Every act of support will lead to a brighter future.
With these convictions at heart, we aspire for both individuals and organizations to evolve and thrive.

To us, an organization is about producing something that transcends oneself. When colleagues with varied perspectives and sensibilities come together, a synergy is formed, crafting realities that one could never have imagined alone. We cherish the excitement, the thrill, and the mutual trust that comes from this collaborative effort.

Company Profile

Eiji Press, Inc.
〒150-0022 1-9-12 Pittoresque bldg. 4F, Ebisu-MInami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Date of Establishment
June 22, 1999
Common Stock
Registration Number
Type II Financial Instruments Business Operator, Director General, Kanto Local Finance Bureau (FIBO) No.1997
Founder&CEO Eiji Harada
Director Tatsunari Takano
Director Kenichiro Fujitake
Outside Director Toshiki Habutsu
Auditor Nobuaki Katsuya
Number of Employees